Stage 2 PSI / Phase II ESA

Contaminated Sites

Sage Environmental Consulting provides Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) that meet:

  • CSA Standard “Z769-00 (R2013) Phase II Environmental Site Assessment”
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation CMHC guidelines
  • The requirement of Provincial and Federal regulators

Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI): Also referred to as a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) these investigations involve environmental sampling and analysis to determine the degree of contamination and characterize the type of contaminant(s).

A Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigation involves:

  • a review of existing background information including Stage 1 PSI
  • development of sample and investigation planning
  • performing the site investigation that may include drilling or excavating to sample soil, water, and vapour
  • data interpretation and evaluation reporting

A Stage 2 PSI or Phase II ESA is typically used to:

  • confirm the findings of a Stage 1 / Phase I investigation
  • supplement previous Stage 2 / Phase II work
  • gather information in support of Remediation measures or site redevelopment
  • establish a baseline of environmental conditions for a further Detailed Site Investigation
  • provide a due diligence measure to determine compliance with a corporate stewardship