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Habitat Enhancement & Restoration


The team of trained experts at Sage Environmental provide high quality technical expertise, advice, and support to our clients in all stages of the habitat enhancement and restoration process. 

Restoration Site Assessment, Planning, and Design

Implementation Management

Performance Monitoring and Adaptive Management

Habitat Enhancement & Restoration

We offer habitat enhancement and restoration services such as: 

  • Restoration Site Assessment, Planning, and Design
  • Implementation Management
  • Performance Monitoring and Adaptive Management

How Can Habitat Enhancement Benefit Community Development?

Let’s open this topic with outlining what Habitat Enhancement and Habitat Restoration are. Habitat Enhancement is a management objective that describes manipulation of the natural landscape to improve it for ecological function. Habitat Restoration is the practice of returning a damaged or degraded site to a natural and native state. These two objectives go hand in hand for the purpose of Environmental Management. And these aspects of Environmental Management are becoming actively more integrated into development planning and design… (continued).

Success Stories

“Bercum Builders trusts the team at Sage Environmental to help us navigate the complexities of the environmental requirements pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction. As regulations continue to change and evolve, we rely on their expertise to guide us through to successful project completion.”

Darren Witt

Owner, Bercum Builders

“From our initial meeting and throughout the project spanning 9 months, I have been impressed by Sage Environmental’s knowledge, practicality and demeanor. Sage Environmental has always exhibited professionalism beyond reproach and has been responsive to the need of a small company to contain the costs.”

Tom Morgan

Owner, Monashee Powder Snowcats Inc.

Featured Articles

Fire Impacts of Invasive Species

Fire Impacts of Invasive Species

By: Skye Wolfe, PAg In November 2023, I attended the Integrated Vegetation Management Association's (IVMA) 2023 Biennial Forum, which highlighted many important topics surrounding invasive plant management in our changing climate. The one topic that really...

Considerations when Assessing for Contamination.

Considerations when Assessing for Contamination.

By Kristen Cockburn – PAg. Making a shortlist of Potential Contaminants When completing an Phase I Environmental Site Assessment or Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation, we review the current and historical land uses of the Site, to identify the potential for...

Detailed Site Investigations (DSI)

Detailed Site Investigations (DSI)

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment and Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigation that identify contamination often recommend a Detailed Site Investigations (DSI).  A DSI finds the extents of contamination to quantify impacts to soil, groundwater and soil vapour. The details on contaminant type, severity and amount will inform further remediation or risk assessment options.  A DSI may include off-Site investigations if contamination has moved past the Site boundaries. A DSI is required prior to remediation for any type of permit release or Certification Document from the Ministry of Environment (BC ENV).


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